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Mukhra 16th April 2005 05:25 AM

Love, Life, and Friendship
im posting this again..i thought it would be better in stories than shayri-e-ishq


Everything was all set. The bags were packed; the furniture had already been taken care of. Sabika checked and rechecked her list. Everything just had to be perfect on her first day of college. After all, most people didn’t get that opportunity more than once in their lifetime. Sabika sat up and shook the dust off her hands. Whew! That’s taken care of, she thought. Riiiinnnng!!!
“Hello?” she answered the phone.
“Hey Sabi. It’s Diya. You ready?” Diya, her best friend replied.
“Oh, hey. Yeah, I’m ready…I think,” Sabika said.
“K. I’ll come pick you up. In a couple of hours, we’ll be free!”
“Yea, see you in a few,” Sabika hung up the phone. She looked around her room. It was going to be hard moving away from a place where she had lived all her life. Yaar, she thought, itna emotional honay ki koi zaroorat nahin. Bas do ghanton ka tho fasla hai. Bas.
Sabika picked up her bags and went downstairs, where her parents waited. There was a whole ten minutes of hugs, kisses, and good lucks. LAAAAAA. The bell rang. It was Diya. Together, they put the bags in the car.
“Bye Mama. Bye Papa. I’ll call you later,” Sabika said as she got in the car. A minute later, the doors were shut and Diy started the car. On Main Street, Diya turned onto Sutton Ave.
“Why are you stopping here?” Sabika questioned.
“Rohit ko bhi tho pick up karma hai,” Diya replied while getting out of the car. Ah, Rohit, a very good friend of Sabika.
“I’ll go and get him,” Sabika said, and got out of the car. She walked upto the house and rang the bell. Rohit opened the door. Sabika laughed. He was dressed up for the occasion. He had a forest green suit on. It suited him, but he never dressed for anything.
“Why are you laughing?” Rohit asked sheepishly.
“You look ridiculous!” Sabika fixed his shirt. The buttons were buttoned wrong.
“Shut up yaar. Don’t make fun of me,” he pouted. Then, he smiled and ruffled his black, silky hair.
“I’m gonna go get my stuff. Come with me?” he said, holding out his arm in a gentleman type of manner. Sabika took his arm and they went upstairs. They went into Rohit’s room, which was clean, surprisingly. There were only a few clothes on the bed that needed to be packed. Sabika picked out a pair of jeans, and a blue shirt.
“Here. Take this and wear it. It’ll look better. You’re going to college, not your wedding,” she said. Rohit took the clothes and went into the bathroom. In the meantime, she packed all the stuff that was left. When she was done, Sabika went and knocked on the bathroom door.
“Come on slowpoke. Don’t take all day. We still have to get there before 10,” she said at the door. The door opened and Rohit stood before her. He looked more like an 18 year old than before. Rohit picked up his bags and threw them down the stairs. Sabika was used to this. Everytime someone told Rohit to hurry up, he would hurry up in such a manner, the person would regret saying anything. Then, he ran down the stairs and took the bags to Diya’s car already full car. The bags were put in the front seat, and Sabika and Rohit sat in the back. Diya was going to do the driving. Rohit pushed Sabika to the window. Sabika pushed him back.
“Stop you two, or get out of my car,” Diya said, looking in the rearview mirror. Rohin’s hand stopped in midair.
“What? I was only trying to get comfortable,” he whined. Sabika told him to be quiet, and he, in a childish sort of way, folded his arms, and sank into the seat. Two hours later, the trio arrived at Boston University.
They were met by a guide, who told them their room numbers. Diya and Sabika were in the same room, and Rohit was sharing a room with a boy named Sameer. I wonder who that is, Sabika thought.
Sabika and Diya opened the door to their room. Not bad. It was pretty big. They started to unpack their bags. Diya, being an expert at that, got her clothes, and headed to the bathroom.
“I’m gonna go take a shower. Then we’ll set this place up,” Diya said. Sabika nodded absently and went on packing. About a minute later, there was a knock on the door. Sabika opened it, and saw who it was.
“Aargh! What now?” she asked.
“aww is that the way to treat your jaan?”

Mukhra 16th April 2005 05:27 AM

“Aargh! What now?” Sabika asked.
“Aww, Sabika. Is that the way to treat your jaan?” Rohit said, holding out his arms. Sabika swatted his arm and tried to shut the door in his face. Rohit caught the door and held it.
“Shut up Rohit. If you wanna come in, get in, or get out,” Sabika said. Rohit always joked around with Sabika by calling her jaan and darling. She should have been used to this by now, but she still got annoyed when he did that. Rohit followed Sabika into the room and plopped down on Sabika’s already made bed.
“Not bad of a room you have here. It’s bigger than mine. Maybe I should just move in here,”said Rohit, making himself comfortable on the bed. Sabika sat down on the floor and started unpacking one of her bags.
“What do you want?” Sabika asked.
“I just thought I could treat you and Diya to…some pizza for dinner,” Rohit said. Sabika took out her clothes and started putting them in her closet. The pants went to the left, the shirts in the middle, and the dresses at the right. She liked organizing everything so that it would be easier to find her clothes.
“That’s fine with me, but don’t forget your wallet,” Sabika said in her closet. She smiled at the thought. Once, Rohit had taken her to an Indian restaurant. When the time came to pay, Rohit had forgotten his wallet at home, leaving Sabika no choice but to pay even though it was supposed to be a treat from Rohit. He had spent the whole ride home apologizing.
“Leave me alone! That was one time. Aaj tho mera wallet meri pocket main hai,” Rohit said, taking it out and showing it to her. Sabika in the meanwhile, had picked a black shirt and tan pants. She was about to iron them when Rohit took them out of her hands.
“You made me change so I’m going to make you wear something of my choice,” Rohit said, rummaging through Sabika’s clothes, and making a mess while doing it. He took out a dark blue salwar-kameez. The kameez was made of a net-type material, with aqua blue rhine-stones on it. It was truly beautiful, but a bit formal.
“Fine. I’ll go put this on, but if you ask me, it’s a bit too formal for just pizza,” Sanika said taking the clothes from Rohit and turning them inside out to iron. In a couple of minutes, the clothes were ironed. At the same time, Diya came out of the bathroom. She went upto Rohit and swung her wet hair so that his face got wet.
“I’ll get you for that,” Rohit said, holding on to Diya’s hair and pulling on it playfully. Sabika went into the bathroom and started to change.
Rohit is completely crazy if he wants me to wear this to eat pizza. Oh well, she thought, I have to ask him about his roommate. I’m surprised he hasn’t said anything about him. Maybe they don’t get along.
When Sabika got out of the bathroom, Diya and Rohit were sitting on the floor, playing Monopoly. On one roll, Rohit lost a lot of money, and tried to steal it out of the “bank”, which was filled with fake money. Diya caught him, and canceled the game. All the while, Sabika watched.
“Are you ready? God, how long does it take you to change your clothes? I’m guessing it has been about 30 minutes,” Rohit said, finally looking over.
“Uhh…Mr. Rohit, by my watch it has only been about 10,” Sabika said, throwing her coat at him. He caught it.
“Tum dono kabhi apna larna band nahin karsakte?” Diya asked. She got her coat and shoes and put them on.
“Sorry. I will act like a gentleman now,” Rohit said, pretending to help Sabika into her coat, but actually tickling her. Sabika kicked him, which stopped him immediately.
When they were ready, Rohit told them to follow him. So they did. He led them to his room. There he opened his door.
“SAMEER! Come on, let’s go. We’re ready,” he said. Sabika wondered who this Sameer actually was. She curiously looked in the room.
Out of the bathroom, came out a boy or about 19 years. He had black, wavy hair, and stunning, hazel-brown eyes. His complexion was a fair one, and his height looked to be about six feet. He was wearing a white shirt, and blue pants.
Wow, Sabika thought, he’s very good looking. Tho yeh hai Sameer.
“Sameer, this is Diya. Diya, this is Sameer, my roommate,” Rohit introduced Sameer and Diya.
“And this is Sabika, my ‘jaan’. Sabika, this is Sameer. Now let’s get into the car and go get something to eat,” Rohit introduced them too. Sameer shook Sabika’s hand.
Now, the quartet, walked down the crowded hallway of the hostel, and then took the elevator down to the garage. Rohit took Diya’s keys from her and got into the driver’s seat. Sameer got into the passenger seat, and the girls sat in the backseat. About half an hour later, Rohit pulled up at an elegant, and very expensive looking, restaurant. Sabika was surprised.
“I thought you said we were going for pizza? This doesn’t look like a pizza place to me,” Sabika said, getting out of the car. Rohit locked the car, and then started walking towards the restaurant.
“I lied ok. I thought to bring you guys here instead. If you want, I’ll just take you to a pizza place,” Rohit said, backing towards the car.
“No, this is ok. We can eat here. I was just surprised, that’s all,” Sabika said, taking hold of Rohit’s jacket, and yanking him back. All four of the teenagers walked into the restaurant. The interior was done so that one felt like royalty. The seats were made of velvet; the lighting of the restaurant was done to make it look peaceful; there were candles, and flowers at each table.
Rohit, Diya, Sameer, and Sabika were seated at a table so that Diya sat next to Rohit, who was next to Sabika, who was next to Sameer. They ordered a variety of dishes including roasted chicken, kababs, and much more. Rohit kept acting silly and taking bites from Diya and Sabika’s plates. Sabika was trying to talk to Sameer.
“So what are you majoring in?” Sabika asked.
“I’m majoring in medicine,” Sameer said, putting a small piece of spicy chicken in his mouth.
“Me too! So meaning, we might have some of the same classes. That’s awesome,” Sabika said.
“Yes, it is. Hey, after dinner you want to go for a walk with me? I know it’s a bit dark out, but only for about ten minutes?” Sameer asked. Sabika smiled, and nodded her head.
When everyone was done eating, Rohit payed for the food. They drove back to the hostel. Sabika and Sameer, instead of going to their rooms, went outside. They were about to go take a walk, when Rohit caught Sabika’s hand.
“Where do you think you’re going? Who’s gonna help me unpack?” he asked.
“Rohit. I’ll be back in like ten minutes. Then I’ll help you. Why don’t you got and play a game with Diya?” Sabika replied.
“Ok. I’ll be waiting. Bye JAAN,” Rohit said, smiling. Sabika rolled her eyes and went outside with Sameer.

Mukhra 16th April 2005 05:29 AM

Sameer and Sabika, walked to the park near campus.
“You and Rohit, is there anything between you two?” Sameer asked. Sabika laughed.
“NO! That’s a really silly question. He calls me jaan as a joke. He is such a cute thing, and one of my best friends. Isliye, hassi mazak main muje jaan kehta hai. Rohit is…just Rohit. I’ve never even thought of him as anything more than a very good friend,” Sabika explained. A lot people asked that question. But it was always the same answer: they were just very close friends. Sameer looked relieved for some reason or another.
“What I really want to know is how a beautiful girl like you is friends with Rohit, but I don’t get anyone like you,” Sameer said, walking down the pathway with his hands in his pocket. Sabika was walking a little close to him, considering the fact that it was very dark.
“Is someone here getting jealous of Rohit?” Sabika questioned. Sameer smiled.
“No, not jealous, just a bit curious. Tell me about yourself Sabika. You seem to be an interesting person. I…I want to know you better,” Sameer said. Sabika didn’t say anything for a while. Instead, she studied Sameer. She had begun to like him a little. She loved how his voice sounded so deep, and the way he talked was…fascinating. And his smile, it was one that could melt even the coldest of hearts.
“Well, my name is Sabika, and I’m in my first year of college,” Sabika said. Sameer stopped walking and turned to look at her.
“I already know that. I want to know more about you than just that,” he said.
“I like to read, dance, sing, and act. I can be fun, but don’t get on my nerves because I’m short-tempered. I’m easy going, and I want to be a cancer specialist,” Sabika said. She looked at Sameer, who in turn stared back at her. Then, he just started walking again.
“Interesting, but you’re more than what you just told me. From what I see, you’re beautiful, charming, and very nice,” Sameer said.
“Are you trying to flirt with me?” Sabika asked, smiling.
“What if I was?” Sameer said, turning to look at her again.
“Oh, then nothing. I don’t really care. Tell me about yourself. I don’t know much about you, and I want to,” Sabika said.
“Well, I like…..”

Mukhra 16th April 2005 05:30 AM


About an hour later, Sabika went back to her room. To her surprise, Rohit was in her room, watching TV. I guess they set up the TV while I was gone, she thought. She shut the door, and Rohit looked up, startled by the noise.
“Oh, it’s just you,” he said, looking scared to death. Sabika looked at the TV. There was a movie called “Ring 2” on. It was supposed to be horrific
“Why? Did I scare you? If you’re that scared, why do you watch horror movies?” she teased him while ruffling his hair. Rohit looked up at her, clearly annoyed.
“I wasn’t scared. You just surprised me,” he said, making up excuses.
“Do you want me to help you unpack?”
“I’ll just do it tomorrow after classes. When’s your first class? Maybe you could help me after that, if you have time,” Rohit asked.
“It’s at 11. When’s yours? Oh, never mind; we are taking the same class. I’ll help you during my lunch hour,” Sabika said, sitting down on her bed. Rohit nodded.
“By the way, you told me you’d be back in ten minutes. It’s been over an hour. What did you and Sameer talk about that it took so long? After all, meri jaan kisi aur larke ke saath time spen kare, tho muje thori si jalan tho hogi na,” he said.
“Shut up yaar. Sameer is a really nice boy. Yeah, a very nice person,” Sabika said softly.
“Uhhan. And it looks like you like him,” Rohit said. He started singing “Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai”. Sabika threw a pillow at him.
“How can I like him? I’m your jaan remember?” she joked.
“Apart from jokes, tell me, are you interested?” Rohit asked quietly, playing with the TV remote. Sabika didn’t say anything, for she didn’t even know if she liked Sameer or not.
“Where’s Diya by the way? I haven’t seen her around here,” Sabika asked, changing the subject.
“She went to roam around the halls so she could get familiar with this place,” Rohit replied.
“Oh ok. Well she should have waited. I don’t want to get lost tomorrow either.”
“Hey Sabika. I’m going back to my room. I’m pretty tired. See you tomorrow ok?” Rohit said, yawning halfway. He started walking towards the door.
“Yeah ok. Don’t forget to your alarm. I don’t think you want to be late on the first day you?” Sabika reminded him while turning on the computer. Rohit stopped walking, and turnd around. For a minute, he rummaged through his pockets until he found what he as looking for. It was a small, blue box.
“I almost forgot. I bought this for you. I thought you’d like it,” Rohit said, throwing the box at Sabika and running out of the room. Sabika caught the box, and silently thanked Rohit for the gift. However, when she opened the box, her thoughts changed. The box contained……….a fake snake that jumped out at her. Boy oh boy, Rohit, she thought, I’m gonna make you be sorry for this. But in reality, Sabika was smiling. She was lucky to have a friend who made her laugh and enjoy life.
Diya came back while Sabika was reading something on the computer.
“You’re still up?” Diya asked, lying down on her bed.
“Yeah, I was just checking something online,” Sabika replied, reading a medical report on sever headaches.
“Oh. How was your walk with Sameer? It seems to me, you both get along really well,” Diya remarked. Sabika turned away from the computer.
“It was fun. I got to know him a bit more. He’s really interesting. He…makes me want to spend more time with him,” Sabika said, blushing.
“Ab baat yahan tak pohonch gayi,” Diya said, smiling, “Well, I’m going to sleep. Good night.”
Sabika turned off the computer, and went to bed. In about five minutes, she was asleep, lost in the world of dreams.
“Wake up…wake up…wake up…wake up,” went a high-pitched voice.
“Aargh!” Sabika said from under her blanket. She reached her hand out, and pressed the off button on the alarm clock. It took about ten minutes for Sabika to get out of bed. Then, it took her about another hour before she actually got ready for class.
Many days went with going to class, doing homework, and studying for tests. The evening were always filled with fun and laughter when the quartet: Sameer, Sabika, Rohit, and Diya got together. It was a normal college life.
One day was different from the others. Sabika ran to her theater class, thinking she was late. However, the room was empty. No one could be seen. Am I late or did Rohit change the time on my clock as a joke, she wondered.
Sabika was about to g oback to her room when an arm encircled her waist and pulled her into one of the side rooms of the class.
“Look who I caught just in time.”

Mukhra 16th April 2005 05:31 AM

“Look who I caught just in time.”
Sabika turned around to see that it was Sameer.
“Oh hey. Did Rohit change your clock too so that you would be early? Class hasn’t started yet,” she said. Sameer smiled, and shook his head.
“No…I was just hoping to catch you. I have to ask you something,” he said.
“Sure, tell me. What is it?” Sabika asked.
“Well turn around first….and close your eyes too,” Sameer said. Sabika did as she was told. She heard some rustling coming from behind her. It sounded a lot like crinkly paper.
“Ok. You can turn around now. Oh yeah, and open you eyes too,” Sameer said. Sabika turned around and opened her eyes. She only saw Sameer. Then, he produced a bouquet of roses from behind.
“They…they’re beautiful. But why’d you get these for me?” Sabika asked. The roses were indeed beautiful. Every rose had a soft, velvety touch. The color of red could not have been any purer. The stems didn’t have a single thorn on them. The roses were, what people would call, perfect.
“Well, you said you loved roses…so I thought I’d get you some,” Sameer said sheepishly.
“Th-Thanks. I really appreciate this,” Sabika stammered out. She looked at him, and he gazed at her with intent hazel brown eyes.
“Will you…will you go to the Sadie’s dance with me?” Sameer asked. The Sadie’s dance was the first dance Boston University had every year. It was a formal occasion, almost like a prom but not really. Sameer looked down into Sabika’s eyes. All Sabika could think was how beautiful his eyes were. The way his hair fell into his eyes was absolutely amazing.
“I…I would love to go with you,” Sabika said. Sameer smiled his charming smile. Then he picked her up, and took her into the main classroom. He set Sabika down next to Rohit and Diya, and then sat down himself. Rohit just stared, while Diya smiled with a knowing look in her eyes.
The next two weeks were spent finding perfect dresses for the Sadie’s. Duya and Sabika had spent all their spare time in different designer stores, looking for something that would be a good dress. Rohit would sometimes help look, but Sabika told Sameer he wasn’t allowed to see her dress until she wore it on the night of the dance.
One designer store, in particular, only sold gowns. Rohit and Sabika went to look for Sabika’s dress there. There was a huge variety of beautiful dresses. There was a dark maroon one that went all the way down to Sabika’s feet. It was lovely, and fitted her perfectly. When she came out of the dressing room wearing the dress, she showed it to Rohit. Rohit did not like it much, and looked for another dress. He selected a blue gown. It was beautiful as well, and Sabika wondered why she hadn’t seen that one before. The dress was made of a blue gauzy material, with rhinestones on the inside so that the outside was just a shimmering wonder. The top was strapless, and was a regular silk blue. It was beautiful. This time, when Sabika wore the blue dress, Rohit just stared.
“You should buy that dress. It’s perfect for you,” he said quietly. Sabika took the dress to the counter and paid for it.
“Let’s go. I am tired of shopping,” she said. Rohit took the bag that held the dress and put it in the backseat of the car.
“Mr. Rohit, what are you going to wear?” Sabika asked him. Rohit looked at her and then averted his eyes back to the road.
“I’ll just wear one of my suits. Or you could help me look for a better suit. But I see no point in it. My jaan is going with someone else, tho mera wahan kya kaam,” he said. Sabika reached over and planted a kiss on Rohit’s cheek. Rohit smiled.
“I’ll help you look for a suit, but I think you should wear the green suit. You look so cute in it. That kiss was to make you feel better. You haven’t been acting like yourself these days,” Sabika remarked.
“Sorry yaar. I just have a lot of work to do, so I haven’t had time to tease you,” Rohit said, tugging on Sabika’s hair. She smiled.
“Concentrate on your driving,” Sabika said.
On the evening of the dance, Sabika locked herself in the bathroom early. She wanted to have everything be perfect. She did her makeup, and put on her dress. All the while, Diya had been pounding on the door, pleading for Sabika to get out quicker. The knocking had ceased after a while. Diya had gone to one of her other friends’ room to change. Sabika took the rollers out of her hair, and lo and behold, her hair was curly and beautiful, just the way she had wanted it.
“Are you almost done in there? It’s Rohit. I need you to help me iron my shirt,” Rohit said, knocking on the door. Sabika opened the door.
“How do I look?” she asked Rohit.
“Beautiful. Now iron my shirt for me please,” Rohit said, not paying attention to how Sabika looked. Sabika took the shirt from him, and ironed it. Rohit put it on, and then put his forest green jacket on.
“Is Sameer ready yet?” Sabika asked, anxiously looking out the door.
“No. Last time I checked, he was in the shower,” Rohit said, looking into Sabika’s mirror and fixing his coat.
“Well, I’m ready. All the girls will only have eyes for me tonight, you just see,” Rohit said. He did look very cute, but then, to Sabika, Rohit had always been cute because of his personality.
Ten minutes later, Sameer arrived.

Mukhra 16th April 2005 05:33 AM

Sameer knocked on Sabika’s door. Sabika opened the door, and let him in.
“Wow! You look…beautiful,” he said, handing Sabika a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates. Sabika smiled and took the gift. Sameer looked nice too. He was wearing a light tan suit, with a dark brown shirt underneath. It was not the kind of suit Sabika would have liked, but on Sameer, it looked good.
“Thanks. Shall we go?” Sabika asked. Sameer held out his arm, which Sabika took, and they walked to his car. Sameer drove professionally, concentrating on his driving, and going at a good speed. When they got to the place the dance was being held at, Sameer got out of the car. He walked to Sabika’s side and heldthe door open for her.
“Milady, vill you dance vith me ven ve are inside?” he said, mocking Dracula.
“Vhy of course I vill,” Sabika said, laughing. They went inside. The room had been decorated for the occasion. There were banners on the walls stating the occasion, the theme had been set to being formal, and the lights were coordinated with the songs that were played. There was a slow song being played at the moment, and Sameer led Sabika to the dance floor. They danced to the rhythm.
After a while, Sabika started getting tired; she was wearing high-heels, shoes she seldom wore. She stopped dancing and went to sit down.
“What’s wrong? Don’t you want to dance?” Sameer asked, looking concerned. He checked her forehead for a temperature, byt found her to be ok.
“I’m fine. I’d love to dance, but my shoes are killing me,” Sabika said, wincing as she stood up.
“Come on then. I’ll take you somewhere else,” Sameer said, taking her hand and helping her to his car. Once at the car, Sabika collapsed into the seat, and held her head. She had a very bad headache, but she didn’t want that to get in the way. Sameer got into the car, and drove to a lake. He helped Sabika out of the car, and took off her shoes.
“Feeling better now? The soft dirt should help you a bit,” he said. Sabika smiled thanks and relaxed on the hood of the car. Sameer went inside the car, and popped a CD into the CD player. Soft music started playing.
“Would you care to dance?” Sameer asked. Sabika took his hand and slid off the hood. They danced in the moonlight. Sabika was having the time of her life, until she felt something on her back. Sameer was trying to unzip the back of her dress. Sabika pushed him away angrily.
“Come on, Sabika. It’s not that bad. I love you,” Sameer said, trying to hug her, but Sabika pushed away.
Sameer, she thought, you are not the person I thought you were.
“I would never hurt you,” he said, reaching for her again.
“Don’t touch me,” Sabika said, pushing his arm away as if it were a deadly snake. Sameer looked hurt.
“I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. Let’s go back,” Sameer said. Sabika shook her head, and started walking barefoot on the road. She was not going to go with him. She shivered. It was beginning to get very cold, but things couldn’t get possibly worse could they? However, she was wrong. Within the next minute, it started to snow.
Oh great. Now I have to walk back home because I was stupid and left my cell phone on my desk.
A car came behind Sabika. It was Sameer. He stopped the car in front of her.
“Get in or you will freeze to death,” Sameer said, opening the passenger door. Sabika silently got in the car. It was very cold so she had no choice. The whole way, neither of them talked. Sameer parked the car near the dormitories, and turned around.
“Sabika, stop it. I told you I was sorry so don’t give me the silent treatment,” Sameer said, looking exasperated. Sabika just got out of the car and walked to her room.
When she got to her room, she fell down on her bed, and fell asleep crying.
The next morning, Sabika woke up. She hurriedly got dressed, and ran to her class, avoiding everyone. When she got there, she found the room empty. Oh yeah, we were supposed to meet in the auditorium today, she thought. She was about to go the other way when she saw Sameer walk into the classroom.
“Hi Sabika! I’m sorry for last night. S-someone…put something in my drink. I’m sorry I acted so stupid. I would never try to hurt you,” Sameer said, looking truly sorry.
“Class is being held in the auditorium today,” Sabika said coldly. Sameer looked hurt by the sound of her voice.
“Hey! I told you I was sorry, ok? What do I have to do to make you believe me?” Sameer asked. Sabika turned around.
“Listen. You and I, we’re over. We never really were together, but we’re over for good now,” Sabika said, slamming the door to the classroom as she walked out into the hall. There she told herself to calm down, and not start crying. She had a headache already, and the crying was only going to make it worse.
For the rest of the day, Sabika went through her normal classes. When class ended, she went to her room instead of the usual place where she would meet Rohit, and Diya.
She locked herself in the room, and thought. Why had she loved a person who hurt her? She didn’t love him anymore, she hated him. She hated him for trying to hurt her. She hated him for what he was. She tried to hate him for every little thing, but the truth was, she still loved him. She had tried to stop loving him, but it hadn’t worked. Rrrriiing!!! Her cell phone beeped. It was Rohit.
“Yeah Rohit, what is it?” she asked.
“Where are you? Diya went somewhere else with one of her other friends, and you’re not here either. I’ve been waiting for you,” Rohit said over the phone.
“I’m sorry. I just don’t feel well,” Sabika said. She didn’t feel well actually. Her headaches had been getting worse as the days progressed, but she had kept this hidden from everyone.
“Ok. Well, I’ll talk to you later,” Rohit said. Sabika hung up the phone. She sat in her room, letting the darkness surround her. It felt good to be alone, away from the world. But it also reminded her of Sameer, of whom she didn’t want to think about. A knock startled her. She went to open the door.
“Sabika, jaan, what’s wrong?” Rohit asked, seeing the look on Sabika’s face and giving her a hug. Sabika closed the door, and motioned for him to sit down. He did.
“Nothing’s wrong. I just am in a pretty bad mood because of an idiot who…” she broke off and started crying. Rohit gave her another hug. He comforted her; making soft noises, and trying to make her stop crying.
“If this is about Sameer, then I already know. He…he didn’t mean it. He really is sorry. He….loves you,” Rohit said.
“I know,” Sabika said, nustling her head on Rohit’s shoulder. Rohit lifter her chin.
“Do you love him?” he asked.
“Yes,” Sabika said after a long pause. Rohit looked hurt, but tried to hide it by smiling.
“Then you should forgive him. If you waste too much time like this, you will never get anywhere, but in the miserable world you have been living in for the past two days,” Rohit said softly.
“I know, but I can’t forgive him just yet. I need to get myself together first,” Sabika said, wiping her eyes and standing up.
“But right now, I need to go to my doctor’s appointment. Could you take me?” she asked Rohit. Rohit nodded, and got Sabika’s coat and shoes for her. He helped her put them on, and then took her to the doctor’s.
Sabika loved going to the doctor. It gave her an excuse to ask medical questions, but today, Sabika waited alone Dr. Howard’s office. The doctor himself was in the lab., looking at the report. He came back with a serious expression on his face.
“Hi Dr. Howard. How are you?” Sabika asked.
“I’m fine Sabika. Tell me, have you been having severe headaches lately?” the doctor asked, with a solemn expression on his face.
“Yes…but why are you asking,” Sabika asked. He had never asked her anything like this before.
“I know this is going to be a little harsh on you. From the last medical report, I saw something that isn’t right. I don’t know why we didn’t notice this before, but…” Dr. Howard broke off. Sabika waited, with a fear in her heart that something terrible was going to happen.
“Sabika, you have brain tumor,” the doctor said.
Can someone please tell me how this story is going? this is probably the longest story I have ever written, so I would hate to write and not have it appreciated by others.

karthik 2nd May 2005 05:10 PM

mukhra ji, the story is goin very well....continue...keep writin ...waitin for da remainin part

Dont frown.You never know whoz falling in love with your smile.


Mukhra 7th May 2005 11:49 PM

karthik ji, ive been continuing this story in the shayri-e-ishq part of this site, you can read the remaining chapters there....and thanx for liking my story

take care

*KOHINNOOR* 14th July 2005 08:54 PM


Warda ji aap ki story bahut A wesome hai .... n going very well keep writing.... waiting for more ...

Take care
Keep smiling
Allah Hafiz

Regads: Ashjan

tanhajindagi 23rd February 2008 08:52 PM

Pyar ka jo humney gharonda sajaya tha,
sajatey hi lagta hai, jaisey bikhar gaya..
do lafj teri jubaa sey pyaar key,
suney hue lagta hai, jamana guzar

tanhajindagi 23rd February 2008 09:05 PM

yaroo Mohabbat kar to lain humbi.
Lekin Har ek baat se darr lagta hai,

Kuch hamare halaat rokte hain.
Kuch zamane ke sawalaat se darr lagta hai,

Milne ka hosla bahut hai lekin.
Judai ke khayalat se darr lagta hai,

Dushmano se dar bhi nahi koi humay.
Dosto ke saath se bas darr lagta hai,

Apna dil patther ka bana liya hai humne.
Unka dil na toot jaye is baat se bas darr lagta hai,

Hamari wafa ka koi inaam nahi mile gum nahi.
Bewafai ke ilzaam se bas darr lagta hai,

Sari khushia unhe tohfe mein dedain ''kashif''.
saath gum bhi to hain is baat se darr lagta hai,

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