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silent-tears 12th August 2020 07:25 AM

** the setting sun **
*** Summer nights Revisiting ***
... * of myself 2019 *
Original "The rising sun"


Your eyes are closed ...

The light of the moon
Peek out the window

You lie down

After a shower
I lie down next to you
With my naked body
And yours
Just cover it
Your arm

And my right foot
What about you
Protect your Watchtower
With the sweet touch
Of your skin
And the verses
That in the night
Are printed
In our body.

He sleeps soundly
Half side

I gently move
To be able to see your face

Caress her

His beautiful beard
His playful nose
His eyes
That still closed
They always look at me

I breathe its scent
Of mine

A mix
Of tender passion
Delicacy and crazy

That makes me
Wishing you so much .....

Very slow
I join
Taking slowly
His arm

And encompass
All my body
On my belly
Ending up
The palm of your hand
About the fall
From my chest

And my foot
Clothe him

I wrap it ...

I change your posture
And stays
Spread out in bed
And her body rested
No more

That the air
What covers us

I was about to get up
To end
some pending things
And cover him with a sheet
So that I would not have
Cold his body of dawn


Before thinking about it
My hand already brushes
Her thighs
Over knee

And my body
Still atomized
By fusion
Nuclear of the night

Sorry radioactive

And contaminated from
I wish deeper

My lips
The altar
Of his dream

* Don't wake up yet *
* Let your eyelids follow *
* Closed *

I want to enjoy you
Of your body
Now between my hands

And my most enchanted valley
Bloomed in the early morning

Climb your highest peak

While I take in my hands
My hair tousled

And my body
Like the box
That keeps the four winds
Be embarrassed

Singing my lips
On your sleepy chest
The song of the stars

* Open your eyes now *
* And sweetly *
* Feel the softness *
* Of my burning ray *

How it comes out on your horizon
That already fixes your gaze
You enjoy this empire

And of his Emperor

Conquer with your hands
My hills
Where do you see
The incessant ray

Make the heat
Of your star
The thaw of your mountain

And the mighty rivers are born
Of our

Inordinate passion.

Let the night kiss the day
And there is no sunset


Day and night
Night and day

Dawning under you

And you getting dark over me ...


** The Corner of Ces **

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