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16th April 2005, 04:27 AM

“Aargh! What now?” Sabika asked.
“Aww, Sabika. Is that the way to treat your jaan?” Rohit said, holding out his arms. Sabika swatted his arm and tried to shut the door in his face. Rohit caught the door and held it.
“Shut up Rohit. If you wanna come in, get in, or get out,” Sabika said. Rohit always joked around with Sabika by calling her jaan and darling. She should have been used to this by now, but she still got annoyed when he did that. Rohit followed Sabika into the room and plopped down on Sabika’s already made bed.
“Not bad of a room you have here. It’s bigger than mine. Maybe I should just move in here,”said Rohit, making himself comfortable on the bed. Sabika sat down on the floor and started unpacking one of her bags.
“What do you want?” Sabika asked.
“I just thought I could treat you and Diya to…some pizza for dinner,” Rohit said. Sabika took out her clothes and started putting them in her closet. The pants went to the left, the shirts in the middle, and the dresses at the right. She liked organizing everything so that it would be easier to find her clothes.
“That’s fine with me, but don’t forget your wallet,” Sabika said in her closet. She smiled at the thought. Once, Rohit had taken her to an Indian restaurant. When the time came to pay, Rohit had forgotten his wallet at home, leaving Sabika no choice but to pay even though it was supposed to be a treat from Rohit. He had spent the whole ride home apologizing.
“Leave me alone! That was one time. Aaj tho mera wallet meri pocket main hai,” Rohit said, taking it out and showing it to her. Sabika in the meanwhile, had picked a black shirt and tan pants. She was about to iron them when Rohit took them out of her hands.
“You made me change so I’m going to make you wear something of my choice,” Rohit said, rummaging through Sabika’s clothes, and making a mess while doing it. He took out a dark blue salwar-kameez. The kameez was made of a net-type material, with aqua blue rhine-stones on it. It was truly beautiful, but a bit formal.
“Fine. I’ll go put this on, but if you ask me, it’s a bit too formal for just pizza,” Sanika said taking the clothes from Rohit and turning them inside out to iron. In a couple of minutes, the clothes were ironed. At the same time, Diya came out of the bathroom. She went upto Rohit and swung her wet hair so that his face got wet.
“I’ll get you for that,” Rohit said, holding on to Diya’s hair and pulling on it playfully. Sabika went into the bathroom and started to change.
Rohit is completely crazy if he wants me to wear this to eat pizza. Oh well, she thought, I have to ask him about his roommate. I’m surprised he hasn’t said anything about him. Maybe they don’t get along.
When Sabika got out of the bathroom, Diya and Rohit were sitting on the floor, playing Monopoly. On one roll, Rohit lost a lot of money, and tried to steal it out of the “bank”, which was filled with fake money. Diya caught him, and canceled the game. All the while, Sabika watched.
“Are you ready? God, how long does it take you to change your clothes? I’m guessing it has been about 30 minutes,” Rohit said, finally looking over.
“Uhh…Mr. Rohit, by my watch it has only been about 10,” Sabika said, throwing her coat at him. He caught it.
“Tum dono kabhi apna larna band nahin karsakte?” Diya asked. She got her coat and shoes and put them on.
“Sorry. I will act like a gentleman now,” Rohit said, pretending to help Sabika into her coat, but actually tickling her. Sabika kicked him, which stopped him immediately.
When they were ready, Rohit told them to follow him. So they did. He led them to his room. There he opened his door.
“SAMEER! Come on, let’s go. We’re ready,” he said. Sabika wondered who this Sameer actually was. She curiously looked in the room.
Out of the bathroom, came out a boy or about 19 years. He had black, wavy hair, and stunning, hazel-brown eyes. His complexion was a fair one, and his height looked to be about six feet. He was wearing a white shirt, and blue pants.
Wow, Sabika thought, he’s very good looking. Tho yeh hai Sameer.
“Sameer, this is Diya. Diya, this is Sameer, my roommate,” Rohit introduced Sameer and Diya.
“And this is Sabika, my ‘jaan’. Sabika, this is Sameer. Now let’s get into the car and go get something to eat,” Rohit introduced them too. Sameer shook Sabika’s hand.
Now, the quartet, walked down the crowded hallway of the hostel, and then took the elevator down to the garage. Rohit took Diya’s keys from her and got into the driver’s seat. Sameer got into the passenger seat, and the girls sat in the backseat. About half an hour later, Rohit pulled up at an elegant, and very expensive looking, restaurant. Sabika was surprised.
“I thought you said we were going for pizza? This doesn’t look like a pizza place to me,” Sabika said, getting out of the car. Rohit locked the car, and then started walking towards the restaurant.
“I lied ok. I thought to bring you guys here instead. If you want, I’ll just take you to a pizza place,” Rohit said, backing towards the car.
“No, this is ok. We can eat here. I was just surprised, that’s all,” Sabika said, taking hold of Rohit’s jacket, and yanking him back. All four of the teenagers walked into the restaurant. The interior was done so that one felt like royalty. The seats were made of velvet; the lighting of the restaurant was done to make it look peaceful; there were candles, and flowers at each table.
Rohit, Diya, Sameer, and Sabika were seated at a table so that Diya sat next to Rohit, who was next to Sabika, who was next to Sameer. They ordered a variety of dishes including roasted chicken, kababs, and much more. Rohit kept acting silly and taking bites from Diya and Sabika’s plates. Sabika was trying to talk to Sameer.
“So what are you majoring in?” Sabika asked.
“I’m majoring in medicine,” Sameer said, putting a small piece of spicy chicken in his mouth.
“Me too! So meaning, we might have some of the same classes. That’s awesome,” Sabika said.
“Yes, it is. Hey, after dinner you want to go for a walk with me? I know it’s a bit dark out, but only for about ten minutes?” Sameer asked. Sabika smiled, and nodded her head.
When everyone was done eating, Rohit payed for the food. They drove back to the hostel. Sabika and Sameer, instead of going to their rooms, went outside. They were about to go take a walk, when Rohit caught Sabika’s hand.
“Where do you think you’re going? Who’s gonna help me unpack?” he asked.
“Rohit. I’ll be back in like ten minutes. Then I’ll help you. Why don’t you got and play a game with Diya?” Sabika replied.
“Ok. I’ll be waiting. Bye JAAN,” Rohit said, smiling. Sabika rolled her eyes and went outside with Sameer.

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