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Love, Life, and Friendship
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Post Love, Life, and Friendship - 16th April 2005, 05:25 AM

im posting this again..i thought it would be better in stories than shayri-e-ishq


Everything was all set. The bags were packed; the furniture had already been taken care of. Sabika checked and rechecked her list. Everything just had to be perfect on her first day of college. After all, most people didn’t get that opportunity more than once in their lifetime. Sabika sat up and shook the dust off her hands. Whew! That’s taken care of, she thought. Riiiinnnng!!!
“Hello?” she answered the phone.
“Hey Sabi. It’s Diya. You ready?” Diya, her best friend replied.
“Oh, hey. Yeah, I’m ready…I think,” Sabika said.
“K. I’ll come pick you up. In a couple of hours, we’ll be free!”
“Yea, see you in a few,” Sabika hung up the phone. She looked around her room. It was going to be hard moving away from a place where she had lived all her life. Yaar, she thought, itna emotional honay ki koi zaroorat nahin. Bas do ghanton ka tho fasla hai. Bas.
Sabika picked up her bags and went downstairs, where her parents waited. There was a whole ten minutes of hugs, kisses, and good lucks. LAAAAAA. The bell rang. It was Diya. Together, they put the bags in the car.
“Bye Mama. Bye Papa. I’ll call you later,” Sabika said as she got in the car. A minute later, the doors were shut and Diy started the car. On Main Street, Diya turned onto Sutton Ave.
“Why are you stopping here?” Sabika questioned.
“Rohit ko bhi tho pick up karma hai,” Diya replied while getting out of the car. Ah, Rohit, a very good friend of Sabika.
“I’ll go and get him,” Sabika said, and got out of the car. She walked upto the house and rang the bell. Rohit opened the door. Sabika laughed. He was dressed up for the occasion. He had a forest green suit on. It suited him, but he never dressed for anything.
“Why are you laughing?” Rohit asked sheepishly.
“You look ridiculous!” Sabika fixed his shirt. The buttons were buttoned wrong.
“Shut up yaar. Don’t make fun of me,” he pouted. Then, he smiled and ruffled his black, silky hair.
“I’m gonna go get my stuff. Come with me?” he said, holding out his arm in a gentleman type of manner. Sabika took his arm and they went upstairs. They went into Rohit’s room, which was clean, surprisingly. There were only a few clothes on the bed that needed to be packed. Sabika picked out a pair of jeans, and a blue shirt.
“Here. Take this and wear it. It’ll look better. You’re going to college, not your wedding,” she said. Rohit took the clothes and went into the bathroom. In the meantime, she packed all the stuff that was left. When she was done, Sabika went and knocked on the bathroom door.
“Come on slowpoke. Don’t take all day. We still have to get there before 10,” she said at the door. The door opened and Rohit stood before her. He looked more like an 18 year old than before. Rohit picked up his bags and threw them down the stairs. Sabika was used to this. Everytime someone told Rohit to hurry up, he would hurry up in such a manner, the person would regret saying anything. Then, he ran down the stairs and took the bags to Diya’s car already full car. The bags were put in the front seat, and Sabika and Rohit sat in the back. Diya was going to do the driving. Rohit pushed Sabika to the window. Sabika pushed him back.
“Stop you two, or get out of my car,” Diya said, looking in the rearview mirror. Rohin’s hand stopped in midair.
“What? I was only trying to get comfortable,” he whined. Sabika told him to be quiet, and he, in a childish sort of way, folded his arms, and sank into the seat. Two hours later, the trio arrived at Boston University.
They were met by a guide, who told them their room numbers. Diya and Sabika were in the same room, and Rohit was sharing a room with a boy named Sameer. I wonder who that is, Sabika thought.
Sabika and Diya opened the door to their room. Not bad. It was pretty big. They started to unpack their bags. Diya, being an expert at that, got her clothes, and headed to the bathroom.
“I’m gonna go take a shower. Then we’ll set this place up,” Diya said. Sabika nodded absently and went on packing. About a minute later, there was a knock on the door. Sabika opened it, and saw who it was.
“Aargh! What now?” she asked.
“aww is that the way to treat your jaan?”

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