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16th April 2005, 05:29 AM

Sameer and Sabika, walked to the park near campus.
“You and Rohit, is there anything between you two?” Sameer asked. Sabika laughed.
“NO! That’s a really silly question. He calls me jaan as a joke. He is such a cute thing, and one of my best friends. Isliye, hassi mazak main muje jaan kehta hai. Rohit is…just Rohit. I’ve never even thought of him as anything more than a very good friend,” Sabika explained. A lot people asked that question. But it was always the same answer: they were just very close friends. Sameer looked relieved for some reason or another.
“What I really want to know is how a beautiful girl like you is friends with Rohit, but I don’t get anyone like you,” Sameer said, walking down the pathway with his hands in his pocket. Sabika was walking a little close to him, considering the fact that it was very dark.
“Is someone here getting jealous of Rohit?” Sabika questioned. Sameer smiled.
“No, not jealous, just a bit curious. Tell me about yourself Sabika. You seem to be an interesting person. I…I want to know you better,” Sameer said. Sabika didn’t say anything for a while. Instead, she studied Sameer. She had begun to like him a little. She loved how his voice sounded so deep, and the way he talked was…fascinating. And his smile, it was one that could melt even the coldest of hearts.
“Well, my name is Sabika, and I’m in my first year of college,” Sabika said. Sameer stopped walking and turned to look at her.
“I already know that. I want to know more about you than just that,” he said.
“I like to read, dance, sing, and act. I can be fun, but don’t get on my nerves because I’m short-tempered. I’m easy going, and I want to be a cancer specialist,” Sabika said. She looked at Sameer, who in turn stared back at her. Then, he just started walking again.
“Interesting, but you’re more than what you just told me. From what I see, you’re beautiful, charming, and very nice,” Sameer said.
“Are you trying to flirt with me?” Sabika asked, smiling.
“What if I was?” Sameer said, turning to look at her again.
“Oh, then nothing. I don’t really care. Tell me about yourself. I don’t know much about you, and I want to,” Sabika said.
“Well, I like…..”

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