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yasmeenraaz 29th November 2008 08:33 AM

thank you my Allah
Assalam u alaikumim mailing an article regarding Thanks giving dayi asked my friend why do people celebrate this dayshe told we thank our friends for their goodness towards usAllah has gifted us uncountable rewards,does anybody think about it?when this topic arises i recollect an event about a poor man,who was fed up of his life and wanted to kill himself,he went to a pious man and narated his problems to him,In reply that pious man told about a rich blind person who was ready to pay the person one million dollars who will donate his eyes to him,and he asked the poor man if he is really in need of wealth he can give his eyes to that blind man,but the poor man hesistated and refused by saying he won'tthen the pious man told likewise you are not poorAllah has given eyes valued of one million dollars,He has given mouth to eat,to talk,legs to walk ,hands to workif we go through SOORA_AE-ARREHMAN,we will come to know all about it,hearing this the poor man felt ashamed of himself and promised that he will live and always be thankful to allah for His rewards,

Thank you Allah for everything
You are supreme,You are the king

You have given eyes for sight
You have given more to eat
Lots and lots side by side
Days are shineful,days are bright

Without your support,we can't live
As birds can't fly,without the wing

Never i prefer to owe the wealth
Bestow my Allah,with best of health
Neither i wish for the jewels
Nor i like the diamond ring

What we take When we leave the world
Only our deeds will come behind
Our hands will be empty,as we born
I need to have but only thing

We should be friendly,till we live
We can share,we can give
We should be sweet as honey in hive
We should be joyful,We should sing

Thank you my Allah for everything
You are the supreme,You are the king

Hope u would like my effords of sharing my thought to all


zainy 29th November 2008 01:31 PM

Thanks for sharing Razia jee.......

koi to ho 1st December 2008 06:52 PM

wowww nice sharing razia ji........................................

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