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Real life story - part 2
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Real life story - part 2 - 19th April 2003, 05:01 PM

I’m supposed to conclude this story today, but without the help of all my dear friends I won’t be able to do that. Coz it still needs a right climax.

A slight review of the characters of the story:
Ahna – the girl in pain (ditched by her best frnd)
Cathy – Ahna’s best frnd (the culprit)
Smiley – Ahna’s beloved
Joe – Cathy’s love
Arnold – Ahna’s past (broke up because of Cathy)

Ahna is still mad at Cathy, but now things have changed again. And Ahna is more & angrier with Cathy. This all happened in September to October, and now January is going on, and it’s Cathy’s birthday. Like other birthday’s both of them used to be together at the least for 12 hours, but this time Ahna was just not interested in being with Cathy. She wished her in the morning instead of 12:00 midnight. She was with her just like Cathy’s other friends for just 2 hours and that’s all. Ahna never gave her a second call on her birthday. It was really painful for Ahna, but still she was doing it.

Ahna lost all her patience and control in the start of February. She decided to talk to Cathy, no matter what happens.

She went at Cathy’s place, and politely asked her “Don’t you think that you have to tell me something?”
Cathy surprised and nervous said “No there’s nothing hidden from you, you know everything”
Ahna said “Oh! Really, but I guess there is something that you are hiding from me and you think that I don’t have any clues about that, but for your kind information I know each and everything. But I won’t tell you what I know; I want to hear that from you, from your own mouth. So just speak up. (Cathy stood firm and shocked) don’t act like that, today if you won’t speak up I’m afraid that in future I won’t be able to give you another chance to say anything. So if you want to save our friendship speak, and tell me the truth.”
Cathy burst out in tears and said “ but what do you want to know, when you know everything about that match.”
She was trying to act as if she has not got what Ahna was talking about.
Ahna in anger “What MATCH? I’m talking about the stuff going on between you and my boy friend Smiley. Tell me now what u r hiding…”
Cathy now crying even harder, she knew Ahna cannot see anybody crying and she was trying to take advantage of her sensitive and emotional nature. Slightly Cathy murmured, “I’m sorry for what I’ve done. I’m sorry please forgive me.”

Oh! Boy! Just God knows how Ahna had stopped herself from saying anything.

Cathy tried to clear her side “I was afraid to loose you, I thought that Smiley was taking you away from me. You were not there with me on my birthday, when you know that you are the only person with whom I would love to spend my entire day. But you were not around for even a second. You didn’t wish me again, as if we are strangers. Ahna you act even better with strangers, but what has happened to you? Why are you acting like that me? I’m hurt I was waiting for your call at 12:00 but you never called, I was waiting for you to come and pick me up for college, but you never turn up. I’m hurt”

Ahna couldn’t hold her back any more; she burst into tears too and said, “ So have you ever wondered why I was not there with you? Have you ever thought that I how much hurt I am when you propose my boy friend, and still you say that you’ll die for Joe your own boy friend. When you are happy with Joe then why the hell on the hearth you’ve called Smiley at least once a week… and propose him indirectly, telling him to tell me that I shouldn’t call him from your place… what was all that? Why are you being such a mean, rude shrude person, whom I can never stand..? Why Cathy why? Why are you doing this? You will loose me forever this way.”

Cathy agreed that so many times she has tried that Ahna should get separated from Smiley, because she was feeling unsecured. God knows of what. Ahna thought over the whole thing a thousand times, and decided to forgive her. Though when she narrated the whole incident to Smiley, he got damn angry on her, he said that that means she can break even his promises. But even Ahna was not on fault. Circumstances were like that, that forced her to take such a step. After which she feels relived and relaxed, because all that heat and anger is out. Things started to get back to normal with all of them.

One day Ahna was sitting online, when a message popped up on her screen saying “HI, please talk to me for a minute” guess who it was? That was Arnold. Since Ahna has lost all her faith on Cathy, so she thought of confirming what Cathy has told her about Arnold.
According to Cathy, when Ahna was abroad for studies, Arnold proposed her. But she never told this to Ahna till the time Arnold was there in her life. She broke up with Arnold, because he was getting engaged to someone else. But after the heat has settled two years ago, Cathy told her that Arnold proposed her saying that Ahna has gone abroad so you be my girl friend.

Poor Ahna used to believe her blindly before, but now when incidentally she saw Arnold’s message she wanted to talk about all that stuff, in order to know the truth. She asked Arnold “Have you ever proposed to Cathy?”

Arnold shocked “Have you gone mad. We broke up coz I was getting engaged at that time, and now I’m even married. How can you think of a thing like that? At that time you were the only girl in my life and I’m not such type of a guy, that having one, and going for another one. I told Cathy clearly that I was getting engaged and she should take care of you, coz I was concerned for you, that you’ll be hurt. I never thought of marrying you or anything like that. But it was my bad luck, coz u r so sweet that anyone would die for marrying you. I’m sorry.”

Ahna surprised “But Cathy told me that you proposed her, and that’s why she was damn against you, and always said bad about you.”

Arnold “Look Ahna, you know how much I care for you. And I’ve even told you that no matter any problem come you can come to me and I’ll always be there for you. I don’t know why Cathy has said such a thing. May be she’s interested in me, or she just wanted us to separate at that time. I don’t know why she has talked like that to you. But listen to me Dear, I’ve always cared for you, and I still do. I don’t want you to suffer; she’s lying completely. Nothing like that happened.”

Ahna could easily make out that Arnold was not lying. But if he is not lying then that means Cathy… again? No!

Is Cathy the real vamp in Ahna’s life? Is she the devil for Ahna? What should Ahna do now? Hate Cathy? Love Cathy? Stop talking to Cathy? What??????

"Dikha kar khawaab in aankhon ko, De gaye aansoon in mein Tum..
Kaise chalka doo yeh aansoon, In mein bhi To rehTe ho Tum.."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Sirf Tanu Ki ChaahaT...... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Dard ki daastan
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22nd April 2003, 09:52 PM

Dear it seems as if ur just hurting urself with all this. I don't know about ur ambitions and family. I avoid using this type of language but, I would say that Cathy is a "Bitch..." ....

I would say that u should be on ur's gonna hurt u because u had always cared for cathy. I had told u my story so u can trust me that I know how hurt u are. Dear I would say just ignore her, don't say crap to her. I think she would do anything to get revenge...who knows if she knows black magic or something like that. But U should have faith in God and stop talking to Cathy and don't think about magic-vagic.

Also, u should be happy that smiley is with u, and I think that if Smiley loves u than he wouldn't be upset w/ you for long. Test him.

One more advice dear, whatever had to happened has already happened. Don't trust anyone...I mean stop worrying about finding out the reality from Arnold...U never know----maybe knowing that Cathy had been lying to u all along, he might take advantage at some point. So, I mean to say that just worry about ur career, family and the people who care for u.

Stop being naive...and live and love the people who love u. I'm trying the same technique in my life. Please don't get offended by my advise. I would say...listen to what everyone has to say, but always do what ur heart and brain says. But remember "Dil to pagal hai" Don't get emotional.

Have faith in God. May God bless u.

Doston...pyar ki baatain na karo

Guzare hain mohabbat main aise mukaam se
Nafrat si ho gayi hai mohabbat ke naam se

Jai Mata Di
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Love Conclusion - 11th October 2003, 03:21 PM

Dard ki dastaan ji,
Yups you are right that Cathy is a bitch. Yes she's a real one.. she's a kind of a frnd that god should'nt give to anyone.. A back stabber... and what not.


Ahna has stopped talking with Cathy.

Though it was extremely difficult for Ahna to take such a step, yet she has done that. And now after 6 months of break with Cathy, Ahna is sooooo happy. Now Ahna just don't want to see Cathy's face. Since now college is over, so now there's just no point of her meeting with Cathy. None of them calls each other. Months have passed without any kind of communication b/w the two.

Ahna has told her family about Smiley. Her family just refused to accept this thing, that their daughter has found a guy all by herself, and now she just wants a green signal.
They simply said a big NO without even looking at Smiley, without even talking to him.

Ahna convinced her family to atleast meet Smiley for once; The meeting was fixed, and everything finished up in some seconds only. They didn't change their mind about Smiley.

After few days, Smiley's family came over to talk with Ahna's family, still their decision was the same.

Ahna and Smiley would die without each other; Smiley's family agreed to get Ahna into their family no matter what happens. Ahna got confident over this thing.

Now it was all upto Ahna to decide that whether she wanna run away with Smiley at his house, leaving her own family to live with guilt all through their life; Or lead a life without Smiley, that will be nothing but hell for Ahna i.e. Death. Ahna was damn confused on what to do;

She don't want to bring a bad name for her own family by running away. On the same hand she just can't live without Smiley.

Ahna decided that yes this is it.
She decided to sacrifice her life for her family and love; coz without anyone she won't be happy. She just can't see anybody in tears and pain, so she decided to take all of it with her alone.

One fine morning, she went to meet Smiley.. Spent around 2 hours with him and enjoyed her life. Came back, loved her family and went into her room. There she consumed 15 to 20 sleeping pills. Said goodbye to all, and went to sleep... a long sleep..

It is rightly said that without God's wish no body can enter his doors. And I guess God just don't want Ahna to enter right now, that's why at night arounf 10:00 clock she was made to wake up, with some injections and all. Her family saw the empty bottle of the pills.. and they understood the situation.

After 10 days of hospitalisation Ahna got fine, she almost returned from God's door, she even knocked there.. but God just haven't opened the door which forced her to return..

Now her family and Smiley were all crying that why Ahna did all that. Ahna told them that she can't live witout anyone of them. She wants both of them for her entire life. Please all of you be there for me forever.

Her words left all of them with tears in their eyes.
They agreed for their marriage. And they'll be getting married in April '04..

Oh! god! no body can imagine how happy Ahna is!!!!!!!!!!
She's on top of the world..
Now she'll be living with her love and will also have her family their to take care of her.


May god bless them!! May Ahna live a very happy life from now.. without any Cathy's in her life..

Hey! guys's You know what happend with Cathy... Joe got engaged somewhere else, and now Cathy lives a lonely life, without her best frnd and without her boyfriend!

That's what she deserves.

"Dikha kar khawaab in aankhon ko, De gaye aansoon in mein Tum..
Kaise chalka doo yeh aansoon, In mein bhi To rehTe ho Tum.."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Sirf Tanu Ki ChaahaT...... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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13th October 2003, 02:26 PM

Ahna is a very lucky girl. I used to think that I have been through many ups and downs in my life and that my life is full of sorrows and miseries but when I look at Ahna and the way she lives her life and whatever happened with her, I realize that my life is a bed of roses. My best wishes are always with Ahna and Smiley and I pray that they be happy together for ever and ever.
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Part 3
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Part 3 - 25th June 2004, 12:54 AM

*What happened next......?*

(August 03)
Ahna was very happy. But then her parents didn't agree for her marriage with Smiley. Her parents told her that they'll get her married with her love in March or April, but she had to go with them to States. She agreed, just coz she don't wanna loose her parents and she belived in them.

(Nov 03)
Time passed, and Ahna was in US now. Here comes another bad news for her. She was ditched.. dicthed by her parents. They lied to her. She was angry and heartbroken. She tried to rebel but was useless. She was extremely emotional and sentimental. And was emotinally blackmailed again to believe that her parents are with her. Things were just coming up, that the biggest blunder happened in her life.

It was discovered that Ahna won't live long now. She don't have many days left.. may be a month, may be 2 or may be not at all. Ahna had a whole in her heart. She also had infection, due to which chances of surgery's success were extremely minimal.

Ahna haven't told anything to Smiley. What she told him was that she's getting married with someone in US. Smiley was just speechless. He didn't knew what to do. He thought "I loved her with my heart and with my soul, then why she dicthed me? May be she's like that. She's not worth my love. She's a bitch. I hate her. I hate her so much. I will hate her forever. I will marry another girl and will show her how happy I am. She is no one for me".

Things were happening the way Ahna wanted. Smiley will hate her and will marry someone else.

But this was her biggest mistake, lying to her love.

As days were passing, Ahna's end was coming and coming. No one can do anything. But deep in her heart she had this wish, to see Smiley once before she leave this world.

(Jan 04)
Her cousin sister Amanda, made that possible for her. She told Smiley everything and he was standing right in front of Ahna. But of no use. She was in a situation where she couldn't move nor talk. Kind of Comma'(but not exactly) .

(March 04)
Love god did his miracle. And miracles of the miracle happened, Ahna was coming on the recovery side, her infection was clearing up by itself, and doctors said, ya now it's possible to operate. She was operated and she's fine now.

Now Ahna is back to her normal health wise, but her life is still miserable. Smiley has gone. He couldn't stay there for more than a month due to some technical probz. Ahna told her parents that she is going back on June 2nd. But her parents pleaded and felt sorry for what ever they've done.

And told her to believe them for the last time, to stay there for few months more, and then they'll go back for her wedding.

Poor Ahna agreed again.

She's still not sure of what's gonna happen.

On the other hand...

She got an email from one of her friend named Nicole that she's getting engaged.

Nicole is a common friend of Ahna and Cathy.

Ahan got so excited and she had to call Cathy to get Nicole's number.

She did, and Cathy was there saying you don't care for me.

But Ahna do really care for her too. Ahna has emailed Cathy for 7-8 times. But Cathy never replied. When she asked her the same thing she denied and said she never got any emails.

She even blamed Ahna for not coming to say a goodbye to her. Cathy was really crying and broken.

Ahna feels, may be she was damn harsh with her. May be she's back now. May be..

She don't know whether to bleive Cathy or not.

Ahna said"Ok I'm sry for what I've done. forgive me and we can be frnds againg"

But Cathy said that she needs time to think on that now.

Ahna is confused again....

What will happen next?

"Dikha kar khawaab in aankhon ko, De gaye aansoon in mein Tum..
Kaise chalka doo yeh aansoon, In mein bhi To rehTe ho Tum.."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Sirf Tanu Ki ChaahaT...... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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